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SAMSUNG 2 in 1 QWERTY Remote Control For Samsung Smart TV

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Samsung RMC-QTD1 - Remote control - Bluetooth/infrared - for Samsung Smart TV's is An innovative keyboard remote control that puts the fun back in functionality. The most powerful connection to the world of TV and online entertainment, Samsung's QWERTY Remote puts functionality in your hands like never before. Connect wirelessly with your Samsung Smart TV - just like a regular remote. Then, when you're ready to search, type and explore, a physical QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to enter text in a quick and familiar way. Use it with your favorite Samsung Apps, and discover a new level of convenience and ease.


  • Multi-directional QWERTY keyboard with LCD screen, Connects to your Samsung Smart TV
  • Hotkey: a shortcut to most popular Samsung Smart TV functions
  • Direction Key and Optical Sensor: enables users to select points on the screen through use of an arrow keypad
  • Text entry for your favorite Samsung Apps
  • Easy grip, small and compact size
  • Connectivity Technology - General: Infrared 
  • Depth - General: 2.4 in 
  • Device Type - General: Remote control 
  • Height - General:0.9 in 
  • Supported Devices - General: Plasma / LCD / TV 
  • Weight - General:6.4 oz 
  • Width - General:6 in 
  • Wireless Technology - General: Bluetooth 
  • Battery Type: 4 x standard battery - AAA type 
  • Height: 2-2/5 in.


SAMSUNG PN51D6500, PN51D7000, PN51D8000, PN58C7000, PN59D7000, PN59D8000, PN64D8000, UE55D7000LS, UN40D6300, UN40D6400, UN46C8000, UN46D6300, UN46D6400, UN46D7000, UN46D8000, UN55D7000, UN55D8000, UN60D6400, UN60D7000, UN60D8000, UN65C8000


Please De-link and De-Sync your original remote control before you can sync this remote control.

You need to pair your remote with your TV in order to use the keyboard side of the remote. If your remote is not paired, the message "NEED PAIRING" will scroll across the display on the keyboard side of the remote whenever a button is pressed.

To pair your remote with your TV follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the SYM and TAB buttons on the keypad.
  • The message "PAIRING" will appear on the remote screen. Hold remote within 8" of the TV.

 If the pairing process is successful the message "PAIRED" will be displayed. You will now be able to use the keyboard side of your remote.

  • If you have attempted pairing multiple times and are still failing, follow the instructions below:

RMC-QTD1 Qwerty Remote Does not pair after multiple attempts

  • If the QWERTY remote has not paired after multiple attempts there may be an issue with the Bluetooth adapter in the TV or the remote control. To determine which device is not communicating correctly you can use a device that can scan for Bluetooth devices, like a cell phone. Set the device to scan for Bluetooth devices. If the TV's Bluetooth is working your device will discover it. It will not be able to connect to it because the TV only will connect to the 3D glasses and the QWERTY remote but you will be able to see if the TV's Bluetooth is working.
  • If the TV's Bluetooth appears then the QWERTY remote will need service.
  • If the TV's Bluetooth signal does not appear the TV will require service.